This Subject Will Make You Wealthy

OK well maybe that exact headline wont, but headlines, or email subject lines are your first and many times only chance to grab some ones attention, so it is something that you should put some effort into.


There is a great free tool that you can use  to analyze your headlines over at Advanced Marketing Institute.



If you are not sure about a headline or subject line you can enter it in the box and check it out.

It will be rated on what emotions it triggers if any and give you an idea of how good it may be, its also interesting to see how just small changes can make a big difference on the results.

For example above I entered ” This Subject Will Make You Wealthy”  but look what happens by just changing one word.



Same headline same meaning behind it but a completely different emotional level, so if you are stuck writing a headline or email subject then this is a great tool to get an idea if you are on the right track or not.

Of course nothing can give you as much insight as tracking your results but this is a great place to get started.

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