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Great Daily Motivator

I just did an interview with Sunny Suggs over at Owners Confessions and one of the questions was about motivation. Staying motivated can …

Diane Merriam – Action Star

This is why Diane Merriam Rocks On Saturday mornings I host the Affiliate Funnel Seminar, a free webinar where members and guests …

Why I Love Traffic Exchanges

So thats why I love traffic exchanges, I love what they can do, the hope it gives to others, the simplicity of it all, and the possibilities they give me to help others along the way.

Create A Profitable Blog One Bite At a Time!

What it all boils down to is not overwhelming your self with everything that needs to be done. Yes its good to have a plan but the best plan in the world is useless unless some one actually follows it.

TE Command Post Review

Well first of all the site was created by Paul Kinder and Scott Martin, Now I know Paul is a great marketer, but he also normally delivers on what he promises, so that right there leads me to believe that there may be some validity to these claims. And Scott is a programmer that understands what TE members need so that is another check in the box. So lets go ahead and open it up and see what its all about.

In the following video I walk you through the basic process of how the site works.

Is there anything real ?

Will it end up on late night TV being sold by Billy Mays or on daytime TV being sold by Oprah, is there really much difference between the two?

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